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“When we read together – when a grandfather reads to a granddaughter, when a teacher reads to a classroom, when a parent reads to a child, when a sister reads to a brother, when everyone in town reads the same book silently, together – we are taken out of our aloneness. Together, we see the world. Together, we see one another. We connect. And when we connect, we are changed.”

Children at a KRARI Event at the State House

More Testimonials
“I cannot believe how interested and involved the students are. They are begging to take to books home and some are actually hiding them and sneaking them out of the school!”

“My 9th graders wanted to do a read aloud and they are actually ALL actively reading!!!!!! taking turns, my strong readers, my ELL’s as well as my shy readers and they do not want to put it down. They read the entire period!!!! and they are asking questions regarding difficult words and phases. It is simply amazing!It’s a game changer!!”

“I am going to round up my family to see Angie Thomas [Reading Across RI 2018 Author]. We have had some very tense family conversations about equality and race recently, and I think this book could open doors to more empathy from family members who can’t expand their minds, yet! Again, thank you for everything you have done, it is greatly appreciated.”

“I wanted to say that I am beyond thrilled that this program is still happening and appears to be thriving. I participated all through high school and a few years into college with my Grandmother and 3 Aunts, and it was just absolutely excellent. I have since moved away, and sort of stopped keeping up with RARI, especially as the demands of a college curriculum took precedent. Thank you to you and your colleagues for continuing this program. Feels a bit like coming home to see it still up and running.”

“I am glad that this is the book for this year, just as I have appreciated every other since I was introduced me to this program. With every year the books touch my heart and give me hope in knowing that people around the state are being exposed to these same works. I continue to have deep admiration for the work of the Center for the Book.”

5th Grader, Providence, RI at State House event for Kids Reading Across Rhode Island Kick-Off: I came here to see an author because it’s my first time. I’m freaking out!

Student and Teacher with Book

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