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The Rhode Island Center for the Book is pleased to partner with the American Library Association in support of Unite Against Book Bans, a national grassroots campaign to engage the public in the fight against censorship. This non-partisan campaign leverages the reach of national organizations representing librarians; educators; parents; authors, publishers; distributors; champions for civil liberties, civil rights, and equality; and more.

When we unite, we are stronger.

Research shows that a large majority of Americans across the political spectrum oppose book bans, yet efforts to remove books continue at an unprecedented pace. Unite Against Book Bans engages and empowers individuals and organizations to combat these efforts.

Why we stand against book censorship:

Rhode Island Center for the Book brings people of varied backgrounds, ages, interests, and experiences together to celebrate their love of books. We believe that every Rhode Islander should have access to a diverse array of reading selections and that the voices of the few should not limit the choices of the many. Public schools and libraries in our state have existing systems in place to handle concerns about an individual student’s reading choices. When pro-censorship individuals and organizations seek to overwhelm these systems and pressure educators and administrators to pull long lists of books from their shelves, the result is soft censorship and an erosion of freedom for Rhode Islanders.

We invite you to raise your voice for the right to read:

  • Join the Rhode Island Center for the Book Unite Against Book Bans Advocacy Committee to help us fight book bans and soft censorship in our state.

Email kate@ribook.org to get involved.

Together, we will defeat censorship!

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