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Thank you for your participation in the Letters About Literature program co-sponsored by the National Library of Congress and locally by the Rhode Island Center for the Book. The program wouldn’t exist without you. Teachers have been the backbone of this inspired effort and have greatly contributed to the program’s success.

Letters about Literature has touched more than 1 million students in grades 4-12 during its 27-year history. At its peak, more than 70,000 students entered their letters each year and wrote about how books have changed their lives for the better. You can feel proud of your efforts in support of this program.

Due in part to strong response on the regional level, the Library of Congress has decided to step away from its administration of the program with the conclusion of the 2019 program year. Our state centers will be given full control of Letters about Literature beginning in 2020.

We know that many of you are passionate about Letters About Literature and we are wondering if you would be interested continuing the program at the state level. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we decide how to move forward in Rhode Island. We will be taking a hiatus for 2019/2020 to decide next steps. Let us know if you would like to join this ad hoc committee!

The Library of Congress is committed to developing new programs that fulfill its new strategic plan (https://www.loc.gov/strategic-plan/) and that, like Letters About Literature, will spur a passion for reading in today’s youth and help them to examine and expand their worldview.  We will share details of these new and exciting programs as we have them.

Thank you for your invaluable support of the Rhode Island Center for the Book.



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