Library of Congress Literacy Awards

Call for Nominations

With the generous support of David Rubenstein, the Library of Congress has asked Rhode Island Center for the Book at Rhode Island Council for the Humanities to administer a state literacy awards program.

Our awards program will recognize literacy projects that deliver impact through partnership with the Rhode Island library community.

Libraries in Rhode Island are invited to make nominations for this award. The Advisory Board of Rhode Island Center for the Book will read the nominations and name an award winner. The award will be presented at the Rhode Island Center for the Book Advisory Board meeting in October. The award will be accompanied by a check for $500.00 to support the work of the literacy project.

Nominating a Rhode Island Literacy Program

  • The nominations will open June 27, 2016 and close on August 31, 2016.
  • Only ONE nomination from a library will be accepted; only RI libraries may nominate.
  • The nominated literacy program may be a component of library service, a community organization housed in a library or a project that operates in close cooperation with the nominating library.
  • Nominations must include: (1) a cover letter from the nominator with complete contact information for the nominator and for the nominated literacy program, (2) a statement of impact which explains (in 750 words or less) the value of the program being nominated, how the grant money will be used and (3) up to two pieces of supporting material (program materials or an additional letter of support).
  • Questions? Please contact Kate Lentz, Director, Rhode Island Center for the Book at Rhode Island Council for the Humanities ( or via phone (401.273.2250)
  • Nominations should be sent to the following address:
    Rhode Island Center for the Book
    Suite 210
    131 Washington St.
    Providence, RI 02903

For more information about the partners:
RI Center for the Book at the RI Council for the Humanities
Library of Congress’ Center for the Book Literacy Awards

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