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Winners of the 2023 Maureen Kenner Memorial Prize!

Youth Poetry Ambassador Natasha Connolly and Deputy Ambassador Sadie Jackson have chosen the winners of the 2023 Maureen Kenner Memorial Prize!

1st Place –  Quinn Kennedy — Poem: Another Poem About Flying

2nd Place – Henry Krex — Poem: Fish

3rd Place – Anna Costello — Poem: Is This Modern Feminism

Honorable Mention – Marjorie Leary — Poem: When We’re Together

Honorable Mention – Serafina Hillier — Poem:  Dartmoor in July

The Maureen Kenner Memorial Prize for youth poetry commemorates the life of Maureen Kenner–a special education teacher in Providence’s public schools. A passionate instructor who believed in the power of art, Maureen embraced the use of poetry in her classroom to nurture self-expression and reflection. This award celebrates Maureen’s dedication to the imagination and to the potential she fostered in each of her students during her decades-long career.

More information about Maureen Kenner: https://www.roomforgrace.org/

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